Saturday, 17 December 2016

I've come a long way on this journey...

I have come along way since my first proof copy was created by a close friend Chris, at his printing business a couple of years ago.

I have learnt all about typesetting and formatting from him and others. I can set the text properly and have gained knowledge about many things I had never really heard about. Such as en dashes and smart quotes, typographic characters, widows, orphans, loose lines and bad breaks amongst others.

My lovely friends and family have proof read early copies and later work colleagues with more knowledge on grammar and punctuation have continued then copy edited. I have enjoyed this self publishing roller coaster, it's such a sense of achievement looking at the novel and knowing that I (with lots of help and advice) have produced it all myself :-).

I've been so thankful for many pieces of written advice from self published authors on the internet that have made me think about things that I didn't even know about. I have also explored the area often forgotten about - marketing and publicity. I had turned my back on social media when my son was born a couple of years ago, but now I'm taking myself out of the dark ages!

I'm making a book trailer and have contacted local papers. ISBN information has been very useful. I have looked up the worst errors self published authors make and have check them all to ensure my novel doesn't have them! All the things I learnt in school about speech marks and spaces were wrong when it comes to the publishing world. I have definitely learnt such a lot!

Many more things still on the to do list, and time is ticking down. Giving myself a deadline was a good idea in a way and bad in others! Onwards with this journey!

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