Monday, 5 December 2016

Making a cover for Createspace

The process

I didnt realise that making a cover would be so complicated! But I am nearly there. Firstly I decided to use Microsoft word to design my cover, occasionally uploading to Createspace to check that the images werent going over the edge or the spine was in the correct place. Some images needed the background removing, quite difficult with the microsoft word version I have. Converting to a JPEG was easy using a free converter online. Then upload to Createspace.

However the most difficulty lay with embedding the fonts and realising that some fonts didnt have correct copyright so wouldnt convert. Many hours later, the cover is nearly ready to upload!

The same process needs to be done again for the kindle version on KPD. I feel Ive spent a lot of time making this cover, but most has been in the learning of the techniques, which I hope will come quicker in time!

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