Sunday, 15 January 2017

Review of Annabelle Costa - Forget You!

My review of Annabelle Costa - Forget You!
Four Stars

** spoiler alert **

Maggie is about the marry the gorgeous man of her dreams but faints at the altar. She wakes in hospital and recalls nothing from the past three years. A guy called Riley, from her work, is after her claiming they were together, and her husband is now an idiot. Maggie goes back and forth between emotions, torn with the truth.

I really liked Riley as a character from the beginning. He did seem a little too eager but I guess that was because of his previous relationship with her, that had suddenly stopped due to the accident. A little predictable in places, saw the Jill thing with her husband coming a mile off but the pregnancy shocked me as I hadn't seen it! Winced at times about the characters thoughts and views about disabled people and how it cropped up time and time again when she was comparing him with her husband, but sadly I guess that's real life for you. I'm glad she overcame this.

Totally immersed in the story, that I found it hard to put down. Easy, light read with an enjoyable storyline. Not sure described correctly as a comedy, more just a lighthearted romance, touching at some delicate issues. Maggie is frustrating as a character at times and Jill is just vile in both her behaviour and attitude. I liked the poetry links and wanted to know more about how they met. Her memories returning were drip fed in between a traumatic pregnancy issue towards the end and I was torn at which I wanted to concentrate on!

I don't usually read stories on my kindle, preferring a paperback, but for this story I made an exception, and it paid off.

Emily Williams

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