Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Read with Mummy - The Star of the Zoo - review

Review of 'The Star of the Zoo' by Daniel Howarth and Virginie Zurcher

Star of the zoo is a book which I love.  It has lovely colourful pictures of different animals, which Elliot loves too, especially the monkey.  The story follows a fallen star trying to get back into the sky with all the animals in the zoo helping unsuccessfully.  The book has a good team work moral ending. There are lots to point out within the illustrations and the story for my two year old is easy to follow.  He loved pointing out the little ant, which he is doing in the photo above. There are some useful guidelines at the back for parents about how to explore the book with their child.

Lovely, engaging children's book with a beautiful and inspiring storyline. Fabulous illustrations which can be poured over again and again. Elliot has read this story more than once - he is definitely an animal lover! Little star of a book.

The Star of the Zoo (Storytime) by Virginie Zurcher et al.
The Star of the Zoo (Storytime)
by Virginie Zurcher et al.

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