Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Read with Mummy - The Very Funny Fish - review

The Very Funny Fish - Jack Tickle
Review by Elliot and Mummy

As my son and I read so many books together every day, I thought it might be a good idea to review some of these picture books together.  Children, after all, are the harshest critics! They also love good stories and many become fast favourites often to be read over and over again. These picture books are obviously aimed at a child audience too, so who better to read the story with. Obviously, as he is only two, I will be writing an interpretation of his views and also from myself as the reader of the story, but hopefully he will soon be able to express these more himself!

The Very Funny Fish - by Jack Tickle

This book was bought originally to read to Elliot before a trip to the sea life centre, to immerse him with the sea life he might encounter whilst he was there.

Swimming through the warm blue sea where pretty corals grow. A pair of funny angelfish are darting to and fro! 

This book has amazing pop up illustrations to go with the story. Elliot loves the pop out pictures of the clams etc. He gets very excited when the pages turn, often joining in with the sound of the sea creatures. He delights in saying the creatures names out aloud as he points to each one.

The simple four line rhymes are easy to read and fit the story well. Elliot learnt the sea creature names quickly, guessing some of the others. Though he thinks a starfish is a spider! The pop ups are tough and sturdy. He will often read books himself and this has stood the test of time so far! I like to open and close the book as though the creatures are moving, which he loves and he likes to put his fingers inside the sea creatures mouths and pull back quickly before they snap! The anglerfish is a particular favourite and vividly coloured.

His little six month old sister is a bit of a chewer so has not been let loose on it yet. Elliot calls this book 'The fishy book' and it is a favourite when he is allowed to choose his own book at bedtime or nap times.

Overall, a firm favourite that will be read for a long time to come. After the sea life centre visit, Elliot has continued to love the book and learning about sea creatures. I'm sure his sister will love it just the same.

The Very Funny Fish (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups) by Jack Tickle
The Very Funny Fish (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
by Jack Tickle 

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