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Q&A with author Beezy Marsh - Mr Make Believe

A big welcome to Beezy Marsh to my blog and congratulations to her on the publication of her novel 'Mr Make Believe.' I have been lucky enough to recieve a copy of this novel and will be posting my review on this fabulous book later today.

Beezy has kindly offered to answer a few questions on her novel for my blog, thank you Beezy for joining us!

Author interview - Beezy Marsh

Thank you so much for appearing on my blog! Welcome.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog! This is actually my first interview for a blog, so it's really exciting.

How much is Marnie like you in personality?

Well, there are probably elements of me which are like Marnie  - I will have to put my hands up to being a daydreamer  - but she is very much a literary creation. People who know me well say she sounds like me when I get exasperated with the kids (!) and life, but I think every mum out there can relate to things she goes through, don't you?

My life bringing up two very young children (9 months and two) seems a lot like Marnie's! Do you have any parenting words of wisdom to get me through the early years?!

I was about to ask you the same question! I'm making it up as I go along on the parenting front. Be kind to yourself, especially with a toddler in tow. Mums try to please everyone all the time and can get totally exhausted by it all.

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

Yes, I have. I started out as a journalist and I was completely immersed in that world for a long time but having kids brought me out of the office and got me thinking....

Are you currently writing your next novel?

I'm so excited about my next books! I have a prequel to Mr Make Believe, called Ten Easy Steps To I Love You,  which is due out later this year with Ipso Books and also a historical memoir for Pan Macmillan called Keeping My Sisters' Secrets, which tells the moving story of three London sisters growing up in the 1930s, due out at the end of July.

Fantastic Beezy, your next couple of novels sound very exciting! What are your hobbies when you are not writing? 

I spend a lot of time in my head so I use sport to get me into my body, otherwise I find it hard to switch off.  I'm passionate about riding horses  - I find it so calming. I'm also a karate black belt and I usually train two to three hours a week but it is not as shouty and punchy as people think. It's about being in the moment.

Do you have a fantasy Mr Make Believe? 

I have always had a few movie star crushes and that was definitely the inspiration for this book ( *blushes*) because the more exhausted I got with being a mum, the more I wanted someone to come and sweep me off my feet. Aidan Turner can hoe my lawn in his Poldark kit any day of the week...

Where do you choose the characters names for your novel? Mine are from names vetoed by my partner when naming our children!

Well, that is funny because Marnie was among the names I might have chosen if we had had a girl and Marnie's kids Rufus and Charlie were contenders for boy names in our house too. Other characters sort of choose their own names in a way because when I imagine them, they sound like the person I'm trying to create; Maddox: strong, sexy and rather naughty and Matt: blokish, handsome and rubbish at doing the laundry  -  you get the picture!

Thank you so much Beezy for joining us today and for the fabulous answers! I am in awe of you writing with such a busy life! Congratulations for the publication of Mr Make Believe and I wish you every success with your writing.

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Mr Make Believe
Marnie Martin’s formerly perfect life is not quite going to plan.
Hard-hitting newspaper journalist turned stay-at-home mum and part-time failing food columnist, Marnie is wondering when her life went so wrong.

While her husband Matt’s career takes off, she’s left with the impossible task of pairing socks and locating Lego. His late nights at the office are turning into late nights who knows where else and they haven’t had a proper conversation in weeks, sex in months, or a full night’s sleep in years.

On the brink of losing everything when a fantasy about movie star Maddox Wolfe leads to a missed deadline and a disastrous case of food poisoning, Marnie becomes Mrs Make Believe: anonymous blogger, secret spiller, and voice of imperfect mums everywhere.

However, Marnie Martin could never have imagined that her movie star daydream would walk off the screen and into her reality, turning her already muddled world totally on its head.

Will Marnie find happiness in the arms of the (literal) man of her dreams? Or will she find that true love is just make believe? 
More about Beezy...

Beezy Marsh is an award-winning journalist, who has spent more than 20 years making the headlines in newspapers including The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.

This was never going to be enough for a girl from Hartlepool, whose primary school teacher told her to give up her dream of becoming a poet and concentrate on being a nurse instead. Thirty years later, give or take, she became an author.

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