Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Writing with hand pain - Emily Williams

Second novel syndrome.

As well as suffering with the curse of second novel syndrome, another problem is hampering my writing efforts for the second novel.

Bella, my American Quarter Horse
A few years ago I fell of my horse, landing hard onto my wrists on a road. A couple of years previous to that I was hit by a car and again, took the brunt of the fall on my hands and hip joint. Since then I have suffered with incredible hand pain, recurring ganglion cysts in the joints of both hands and numbness and tingling. I had a bilateral hand and elbow surgery to relocate the ulnar nerve and remove the cysts from the wrist joints, and all was well. For a while.

The niggling feeling returned before Christmas, and now, a few months later, full on numbness and constant hand pain has returned in my left hand. My right aches occasionally but nothing compared to my left. I have had four operations on the wrist and one on the elbow to move the ulnar nerve (I now have no funny bones!). I am back on the long wait for scans, nerve conduction tests and probable surgery. To top it all off the ultra sound technician also found tendonitis which has caused fluid and more pain on my hand! I have tried wrist straps, ice, resting, stronger painkillers and nothing makes a difference. A kind member of twitter suggested Ibuleve gel so that it next on my list for temporary relief.

However, despite all this, I am completely passionate about this second novel, the proceeds in which I am donating to two horse charities. Even if I have to dictate the entire novel into my Dictaphone and get someone else to type it up, I will finish!

Lucy, my Welsh Mountain Pony

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