Sunday, 4 June 2017

Book review - The Child of Happiness

Book review - Poetry
The Child of Happiness

Author: S.V. Cobets

I haven't read poetry for quite a while and fancied something different. I wasn't disappointed. I have always feared poetry a little as was not sure how to interpret the meanings but these poems just flowed beautifully and I just enjoyed them rather than trying to analyse them. The beautiful poems with a range of different themes really captured my heart. I particularly enjoyed, 'She is cold as ice,' and 'A bird.' 'For you,' was a very emotional poem. Each poem brought something different and evoked different emotions. Put together they made very powerful reading in a lovely book. 'A mistake,' is a short but very thoughtful poem. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Cobets poetry and has encouraged me to dip into poetry more often.

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More about the author:

I was born 12.09.1965 in Split, Croatia. I live and work in Kastel Sucurac, where I finished my elementary and secondary schooling. At a very young age, I started reading, and I liked it because with these books I have traveled to places that I could never go. As a child, I loved fairy tales and adventure, but later I discovered other genres. Frankly, science fiction fascinated me, and that it all started when I in the library found a Jules Verne. I started writing poetry for fifteen years, and later I started writing SF. Lately, I write stories for children fairy tales and fables. I have published in Croatia the 'An Opened Heart' in 2002, 'The Sleepy Way' in 2005, 'Love' in 2006. On Amazon, I published SF Novel "Godeena" in 2015.

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