Sunday, 4 June 2017

Book review - Incision Decisions

Book review of non-fiction book Incision Decisions - 
a guide to getting through surgery, recovery, and your hopsital stay.  
Author: Kaye Newton.

With possible upcoming surgery on my arm and having had many previous surgeries, I thought that this would be an ideal book to read. Although US based, and some of the information different for a UK NHS patient, the information is excellent. Newton has provided in-depth chapters with information needed prior to the operation, during and after. The chapter about preparing your home for your recovery and the recovery stages at home are very useful and thorough. The information is very personalised, with Newton's experiences interwoven within the information. I loved the recipies too. Overall Newton has written an excellent book for people preparing for upcoming surgery. Things may differ due to the hospitals policy or country but generally the information is very useful with tips and hints.

I will certainly be dipping into this book again nearer the time of my next surgery and afterwards.

For everyone who is having surgery this year, this easy-to-read and reassuring guide will lead you through finding a good surgeon to managing your hospital stay to recovering well at home. With warmth and humor, fellow surgery patient and hospital advocate Kaye Newton gives you the inside scoop on what to really expect during a hospital stay and how to make life easier for yourself while recuperating. She shares effective ways to manage pre-surgery anxiety, line up help for your recovery period, avoid hospital acquired infections, deal with the post-surgery blues, stay positive during your recovery process, and much more.

Kaye addresses the emotions patients experience as well as practicalities such as how to review your medical bills and make sure that you are not overcharged. Incision Decisions is chock-full of useful advice and planning tools and is an invaluable guide for patients and their loved ones. 

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More about the author: 

Kaye Newton is an experienced hospital advocate, surgery patient, and caregiver. She lives outside Nashville with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

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