Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Interview with Corine Dehghanpisheh - #Babylove

Welcome Corine to my blog! I had the pleasure of reviewing your lovely children's book a few weeks ago and I'm delighted to have you again on my blog. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your writing processes.

A curious toddler loves to play…especially with his mommy's smartphone!  When Mommy finds him using her phone without permission, it’s the perfect teaching moment. Mommy reminds her little one that what matters most in life is time together filled with love and attention. Her simple reminder: Put down our phones.

What inspired the children's book #BabyLove My Toddler Life?
My life experiences as a mom and aunt mixed with a little imagination inspired this second book in the #BabyLove Book Series. The ideas for #BabyLove: My Toddler Life came from the interactions that I experienced with my nieces and nephews and smartphones. Whenever they had the opportunity to grab a phone, they would take it and run.  I always had a laugh when I found the many, many photos and videos the kids took of themselves.  

I can relate to the book even more now my daughter is at the age where she is starting to get more curious and wants to play with our phones. As a mom, I have quickly realised that it's not only important to find balance with technology but to help kids understand their relationship with it as well.  

What other authors have inspired you?
I am inspired by children’s book authors such as Mo Willems, Dev Petty, and Ame Dyckman. 

Do you use your own phone too much? I definitely feel guilty of this! 
Yes!  For sure on certain days I feel like I use my phone too much.  I use it for everything. I try to explain to my daughter what I am doing, but she is still too young to understand. So when I tell her I am sending a message for work, I am googling information, or I am posting a picture up to a social media account it doesn’t make a difference.  All she knows is I am on my phone again.  

I think it’s interesting that she says, “Put your phone down Mommy!”  When she wants attention or for me to play.  

Sometimes balancing everything is such a challenge. 

Have you any other children's book ideas at the moment?
I do have other children’s book ideas that I am working on slowly.  One idea I am working on will be part of the #BabyLove series and the second is something completely different.  

Is writing your full time job?
Eventually I am hoping that writing and illustrating will become a full-time job.  Right now, I am enjoying creating my books on a part-time basis while raising my daughter.  

Thank you so much to Corine for joining us today to chat, it's been a pleasure to have you on the blog. Best wishes for writing your next book and I hope you'll join us again then.

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