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Book review - The Archbishop's Amulet

Book review - The Archbishop's Amulet by Watson Davis

Caldane, a slave and the last survivor of his clan, knows he can’t endure more of the dark rituals performed to harvest his magic. Learning the mother he thought dead still lives, he escapes but opens the gates to Hell. His slave master hunts him. A giant seeks to ensnare him. Caldane faces the choice of saving himself or saving people who don’t realize they’re slaves.
In this stand-alone novel in the Windhaven Chronicles, Watson Davis weaves a ripping yarn of adventure and self-discovery, a coming-of-age tale set in a dangerous world of tribes battling empires, of fantastic creatures and infernal magic.

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to read and review this novel as part of a Goodread's review group. The group has given me such varied reads and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with the group.

The book follows the adventure story of Caldane. An amazingly vivid and somewhat frightening, fantasy story that sucked me right into the narrative. Watson creates fantastically gory visual worlds which make you almost believe that you are right there with Caldane as he battles to save himself. The world is seen through Caldane's eyes, which makes it all the more poignant and I really invested in the characters. Wonderfully written story that I enjoyed right up until the end.

Watson has made me a lover of a genre I wouldn't usually choose myself. I have always thought of fantasy as too complex with the odd place/character names etc but I was completely won over by this story. The novel twists and turns to keep you thoroughly wrapped up in the adventure until the very last pages. Overall a great read that I would recommend.

More about the author:

Watson Davis discovered fantasy and science fiction, magic and technology, Isaac Asimov and Robert E. Howard, when he was a young, impressionable boy in Houston, Texas. He wrote his first robot apocalypse short story at eleven, delved many a dungeon and battled many a vampire while pursuing a degree in mathematics, and penned books of swords and sorcery and military space opera. He now lives in Spain in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean.

Buy the book here: http://amzn.eu/dqi2Qfc

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