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Book Review of Love, Life and Dreams - Rebekah Louise

Review of Love, Life and Dreams - Rebekah Louise

Thank you to Rebekah for kindly allowing me to read and review her lovely new book of short stories Love, Life and Dreams. I have become a lover of short stories since having children. Previously I always would read an entire novel in one go, usually with my feet up in the garden. However with a baby and toddler running around, this is impossible! So when I was asked to read the short stories in the novel Manipulated Lives a while ago, became a fan of the short story!

When Rebekah kindly asked me if I'd like to read her book, I jumped at the chance. With short stories I can read an entire story in one sitting and not feel like I have to put the book down when I get to an exciting bit, as I usually have to with a longer novel.

Love, Life & Dreams is a collection of five short stories. Each story is unique and is ideal for enjoying whilst on holiday or for escapism.

In Doctor’s Orders, meet sisters Emma and Alice. Alice comes to her sister’s rescue after her marriage breaks down. Little does Emma know what the future holds for her.

In Julie, meet Tom, a successful businessman and a loving father, that is until Julie shows up at his office.

In Live the Dream, meet Louis and Emma. Share in their moving story about the wonders of love and imagination.

In Off the Record, meet James. He is a top radio DJ who makes a mistake that leads him to consider his behaviour.

In Suite 200, meet Ania, a cleaner of a five-star hotel. Life for Ania is arduous and her future looks bleak, that’s until she meets a guest that will challenge her view. 

The review

What a lovely collection of short stories.

I enjoyed reading every single one of these delightful snippets into peoples lives. I have a particular fondness for Live the Dream and Doctors Orders. These are definitely stories to read when relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Would make a great holiday read or to be snatched in moments of free time.

I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Louis and Emma and found it incredibly moving. I thought that the stories would all be really light-heated given the title and the cover but they were all very different, sad, poignant and touching in places, fun and humorous in others. This was an unexpected surprise and it made me think about the stories long after reading them. There was depth to the characters and conseqences to their actions so you could really invest in the stories. I will look forward to reading more short stories from this author.

More about the author:

Rebekah Louise is 32 and lives in Worcestershire with her husband and young son. When she is not busy chasing her son around or writing, she enjoys reading, Pilate's and spending time with family and friends preferably in cafes sampling the coffees and cakes.

Love, Life & Dreams is her first collection of short stories that she has published.

Buy the novel here: http://amzn.eu/ebyG2dy

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