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Book review - The Perils of a Literary Life by Jennifer Weeks

Book review - The Perils of a Literary Life by Jennifer Weeks

I was thrilled to be able to read and review this book on NetGallery. The blurb of the book intrigued me and I knew that I would enjoy the plot. I loved the title!

I really enjoyed the dynamics between the two sisters, Alice and Becky, and how different they were. The author was great at creating memorable characters.  Alice is more a dreamer, lost in her books than her sister who lives in the fast lane in the city. There are a lot of literary references in the novel but these don't bog down the storyline. After moving to the Yorkshire Dales, Alice meets the handsome William. The descriptions were vivid and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the county that Alice moved to. It made me want to move there too! The plot slightly lost me in the middle as the paced slowed down considerably, but then picked up again to keep me on the edge of my seat, desperate to find out what was happening next.

As tragedy occurs, Alice is lost to as is what happening and who she can trust. She is using her experiences from reading books to try and understand the dramas that are happening around her. This part really gripped me and I felt for Alice. I did wish that the tension and romance between Alice and William could have developed more as I wasn't sure that I particularly liked William and was more routing for Alice to give up on him and find someone else.

Overall a powerful, chilling story that I enjoyed right until the end.

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An exciting and gripping novel exploring the effects of losing your grip on reality. Profoundly influenced by romantic literature and striving to escape her possessive twin sister, Alice moves to the Yorkshire Dales to teach and live an idyllic dream in a moorland cottage. There she meets William, her elderly neighbour's nephew and professional actor, and is instantly attracted to him. William and Alice's friendship blossoms and Alice falls madly in love with William, believing they're soul mates. Alice overhears a row between William and his uncle over William's severe debt from gambling. When William's uncle dies after falling from the moorland crags above her cottage, Alice suspects William pushed him. Soon after, William's aunt Annie is taken ill and Alice suspects that William has poisoned Annie as a result of witnessing his uncle's murder leaving Alice to fear that she will be next. The Perils of a Literary Life is ultimately a romantic love story set in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales combined with the fast-paced nature and tense climax of a chilling thriller. As Alice, the heroine, becomes unable to distinguish between reality and fiction, this novel shows the fascinating impact of fantasy and literary fiction upon the psyche.

About the author - 

Growing up on the Yorkshire Moors, a place of great beauty, Jennifer Weeks went on to become a secondary school English teacher where she went on to inspire her students in London and Buckinghamshire with her passion for literature.

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