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Book review - Watermarked by Jessica Titone

Book review of Watermarked by Jessica Titone

Jack Keller lives by the book. His primary goal has always been to make his parents proud, from excelling at childhood piano lessons to writing for the school paper and graduating with honors. Nearing the end of his college career, Jack meets Audrey at a party. She fits nicely into his picture of a perfect life. As Audrey begins to deteriorate, Jack finds out how much he’s willing to sacrifice to save her.

Audrey Beck is starting over. Leaving her demons behind in England, she accepts a photography scholarship in New York City and falls in love with the honest and kind Jack Keller. She’s happier than she’s ever been, but “happy” has never been Audrey’s strong suit. She wishes she could be more like her beautiful and bold flat mate, Ray.

Ray Rossi is a party girl who hasn’t quite managed to grow up. At her father’s request, she’s working on a business degree at NYU, but has never seen herself as the “office” type. When Ray was sixteen, her mother died and took with her Ray’s dream of being a professional dancer. Even now, ballet remains only thing she’s ever truly loved – except maybe Flynn.

Flynn Conlon is good at two things: making paintings and bedding pretty girls. In his loft overlooking the Hudson, he’s cultivated a bachelor lifestyle that effectively masks the wounds of an old love affair and his secret addiction. But all of his hard work could be destroyed the moment that Ray inserts herself into his life.

Watermarked chronicles a year in the life of four twenty-something New Yorkers as they forge emotional connections and meet the future head on.

When I read the blurb of this book, I knew I would enjoy reading the story and glad it didn't disappoint my high expectations!. I like literary fiction with its own unique quirkiness (as this is the style I like to write in) so the format drew me in straight way.

I loved the style of this novel, told by four different people. The novel captures the gritty real life situations that these unique characters face. The characters all had their individual flaws that I found made them more realistic and endearing. Although I did find it hard to warm to the immature Ray. The story totally sucks you into the New York City world, and I enjoyed being part of this world. I found Watermarked to be a thoughtful read, seeing how your actions not only affect others but how they are seen in others eyes. Sometimes this way of portraying the characters POV makes you lose the overarching storyline, but I enjoyed how I was able to see the characters from views of others and think the author worked hard to keep the thread of the story alive.

I would have liked to have seen more romance develop as this was truly gritty and painful at times to see how the characters muddle their way through their lives, however maybe this would have made the book lose its impact on me. The end did leave me still having questions and wanting to know more, but maybe there is a sequel on its way.

Good, thoughtful read and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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