Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Parliament of the Profane

Book review of The Parliament of the Profane by Justin Bohardt

I wasn't sure about the title of this novel and when reading the book, I still wasn't sure the title totally sold the novel in it's best light i.e as a superhero novel. However, I enjoyed the novel far more than I thought I would. I love superheroes (though mainly from films not from reading) and I did find myself getting sucked into the storyline quickly. I find superhero powers and strengths fascinating to learn about. It was well-written and absorbing. There were some minor editorial/proofreading issues that could be addressed quickly in further revisions. The high amount of sexual violence in the book did throw me at some points, as often it didn't move the story forward and could have been toned down or avoided. However, I understand that this is just the nature of the book, just not for me!

I'm not sure I fit totally into the box that this book was aimed at therefore I will give my opinions on how the book met it's intended audience. This book would be right up the street of a superhero/comic fan. It was face paced, graphic and violent. I did find myself totally confused at several points, but fans of how superhero comics are written maybe able to understand the flashback style. The plot had enough action and adventure to keep me going right till the end.

Overall, for a comic book fan, this book would hit the mark. Despite not being this, I did enjoy reading the novel and that is down to the authors engaging and fast, action packed style of writing.

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Justin Bohardt became a writer because he realized early in life that creating alternative realities was infinitely preferably than living in the existing one. A former reporter, he moonlights as an auditor for a Fortune 100 insurance company while crafting new worlds in every second of free time that he can find.

He is the author of the Parliament of the Profane trilogy, the ongoing Invasion of Miraval series, and 111 Souls. His fiction has appeared in magazines such as Hungur, Outposts of the Beyond, Potter’s Field, The Drabbler, and Micro 100; while his poetry has been featured in Scifaikuest, Aoife’s Kiss, The Martian Wave, and Champagne Shivers. Bohardt also contributes to the occasional trade publication and teaches the occasional class. He resides in Iowa with his family.

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