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Review of Keeping my Sisters' Secrets - Beezy Marsh

Review of 'Keeping my Sisters' Secrets' - Beezy Marsh

Eva, Peggy and Kathleen were sisters born into a close-knit working class family, living in a tiny terraced house in a street so rough the police would only walk down it in pairs. As they grew up between the wars, they dreamed of escaping their violent father and the crime-ridden slums of Waterloo.
Peggy was a studious girl so appalled by conditions in the factories that she became a Communist. Beautiful Kathleen married an abusive man and later - during the Second World War - fell in love with a GI. Feisty Eva became a thief as a child so she could help their mother put food on the table - and never lost her rebellious streak, or her desire to protect her family by whatever means necessary.
As the years pass the sisters all lived close together, sharing each other's lives, supporting each other through hard times. Keeping My Sisters' Secrets is a rich, moving story of three sisters fighting to survive through decades of social upheaval, their love for each other the one constant in a changing world.

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My review of Keeping my Sisters' Secrets

This book took me a little by surprise. I had read a previous book by the author, which had been incredibly witty and light-hearted and although both wonderfully written, this book had real extra strength and depth. The cover was lovely and completely intrigued me. I knew I'd love it as soon as I saw the beautiful cover artwork. I felt like I had immediately stepped back into the past, whisked away into the difficult lives of the sisters. This is a great family drama book where you really feel the love and tie between the incredibly different children. They all had their uniqueness. 

The area in London that the sisters and their family grew up in was an incredibly difficult place to live and Marsh covers this sensitively. The sisters long for a different life, away from the slums, noise, smells and their abusive father. Their story is one of grit and determination and I really enjoyed the journey about each different sister, although Eva's story stood out the most. 

I really enjoyed this story, well done Beezy Marsh!

About the author:

Beezy Marsh is an award-winning journalist, who has spent more than 20 years making the headlines in newspapers including The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.

This was never going to be enough for a girl from Hartlepool, whose primary school teacher told her to give up her dream of becoming a poet and concentrate on being a nurse instead. Thirty years later, give or take, she became an author.

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