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Review of The Limpet Syndrome by Tony Moyle

Review of 'The Limpet Syndrome' by Tony Moyle

If you love books about reincarnation, corruption, the human condition, Ocd and talking pigeons then this is the book for you. Ok so you've never read a book like that before. . .so why not try this one! From the Back Cover Imagine there was a politician whose only ambition was to corrupt and manipulate the very people who elected him, without them even knowing it. This was Byron T Casey's ambition. It helped that he was the Prime Minister and had just acquired Emorfed, a substance that had the ability to alter a person's soul. Sandy Logan was the only person capable of stopping him. But there was one problem. Sandy was dead. It complicated matters that his death had been aided by the mysterious Limpet Syndrome, which meant he wasn't dead dead. Very few people understood why Sandy's soul had lingered on Earth, least of all Sandy. About the Author Tony Moyle was supposed to be a Chemist. Turns out he was rubbish at it. A book formed in 1996 and took 21 years to escape on to paper.

My review

This is a book like no other I've read! It is such a mixture of different things but it totally works and the author has managed to pull off a really great read. I wasn't sure it was a book I'd usually pick up and read, but I was wrong. I couldn't pigeon hole this book into one genre if I tried. It is both amusing and down right funny in places but also tells a great adventure. There was lots of powerful description throughout the well paced novel, however it is not a tricky read. It flows nicely and is hard to put down! The ending does leave some unanswered questions but I've heard there is a book 2 in the pipeline, which will hopefully resolve these.

This is a great well-written debut novel, which I am glad I've had the chance to read.

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More about the author:

Tony Moyle was born in the small town of Shepton Mallet in 1976. He's spent the last four decades attempting to find a third reason for the town to be known behind Babycham and a Frank Bruno World Title fight. Although he studied Chemistry at Exeter University he was terrible at it and instead found a role within the business community. After twenty years of deliberation and prevarication he published his first novel, 'The Limpet Syndrome.' With any luck the next book won't take quiet so long. He lives in the small town of Ashington at the base of the South Downs national park with this wife, Laure, and two children.

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