Thursday, 21 September 2017

Blog tour review of 'Our Altered Life' by Charlene Beswick

Review of 'Our Altered Life' by Charlene Beswick

I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for 'Our Altered Life' today. This is a novel that will really stay with you.

This book will be released on 29th September.

After a healthy twin pregnancy, Charlene and Mark were shocked to be told that one of their boys had been born with half of his face undeveloped. In seconds, the happy family future they had been planning disintegrated into turmoil and uncertainty.
Laugh out loud funny in places, heart-wrenchingly sad in others, and refreshingly honest at all times, Our Altered Life is Charlene’s wonderful account of how she struggled to forgive herself and bond with a baby she didn’t expect. Follow her transition through grief and anger, challenges and triumphs, loss and acceptance, to love for the life she has now with two children she wouldn’t change for the world.

My review

This book really got to me from the moment I started reading. I opened the Kindle as soon as it arrived and literally couldn't put it down whilst tears streamed down my face. I found it incredibly emotional from the outset and uplifting also. What a beautiful family Charlene has. 'After a healthy twin pregnancy, Charlene and Mark were shocked to be told that one of their boys had been born with half of his face undeveloped.' I admired Charlene for her strength and also her honesty as the book progressed. It's hard to put yourself in their shoes as to how you'd react and Charlene has bravely portrayed this. The book is incredibly raw and personal sometimes felt as if I were reading the personal diary of the family and were intruding. As the story is true it gets to you even more. 

Such a brave and awe-inspiring experience to read. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book as a thought-provoking and uplifting tale of the families love for their beautiful children, Oliver and Harry. The love between the twins was so lovely to read. An ordinary account of their lives written in an extraordinary way to highlight the highs and lows. Many tears were shed when reading this book. It was beautifully written and paced well. It definitely shows that whatever life throws at you, however altered, and despite the difficulties, it can be just as wonderful. 

I loved this authors novel.

More about the author:

Hi, I'm Charlie, mum to twins Oliver and Harry and I am blogging about life as a parent of a child with special needs at Our Altered Life. I chronicle the highs and lows of a life less ordinary and the challenges and adventures we all face. When I'm not writing or working you will find me drinking gin, eating my own body weight in cheese and laminating stuff (you can take the girl out of teaching but you cant take the teacher out of the girl!)

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