Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Short reviews vs long reviews

The reason my reviews are getting shorter and shorter...

I've realised over the last few months that my reviews are getting shorter and shorter. They used to nearly rival a novel, but then slumped down to essay length and now are probably just a couple of paragraphs. The reason...my arms hurt to type, simple as that. It's not that I don't have billions of thoughts to say about the books I read, I just struggle to write them all down. I'm getting the grips with dictation software for my novel writing but it is very time-consuming, so I limit everything else I write so I can concentrate.

So which do you prefer, short or long reviews? My sister once said to me that all the long essay reviews on my novel were off putting to readers wanting to leave a short review as they felt pressured to leave something longer and therefore just didn't bother. I wonder how true this is. I've encouraged some people (that might otherwise not leave a review at all) to leave a short sentence review instead. This is to balance out the long reviews and hopefully encourage others that just want to leave one line too. Personally, I've loved reading the long reviews and thoughts on my books. They make me feel so special and that the reader has really 'got' what I was trying to write. The suggestions the readers leave have been particularly helpful too to improve myself as a writer. I have very much appreciated every review I have received. I hope, in my short couple of paragraphs I leave for others, that I can capture the same. I'd rather leave a shorter review than no review at all. Any thoughts on this?

Happy reviewing everyone. I apologise for only being able to leave a couple of paragraphs now, I will try my hardest to capture the essence of the book in those few words.

Emily x


  1. I personally like a short review. I want something that captures the essence of the book and excites my interest, but doesn't give too much away. Misha PS like everyone else I'm very busy and don't always bother with a piece that is too long.

  2. Thanks Misha, yes that's true. A short review captures the essence and yes sometimes I don't have time to read a longer review (on other books not my own!) xx