Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Book review - Suzanne Sussex

Book review of The Greater Good by Suzanne Sussex

The news reports spoke of a virus sweeping across South America. Entire villages were wiped out, yet events soon turned the media attention elsewhere.

Then a video hit the Internet and quickly went viral. A video showing a woman, attacked, bitten and dying.
Then she rose again.

Experts confirmed the video as a fake and prank. It was widely condemned as fear-mongering.

But all the expert denials counted for nothing when the virus reached the UK.

Chloe finds herself left behind, abandoned by Steve who rejoins the army to fight the new enemy. She does not know if she can survive without him.

Sam, arrogant and selfish in his immaturity, is miles from home, alone and scared. He knows he must change, must become a man, to endure this strange new world.

They must all make sacrifices to do what is right.

To do what is right for the greater good.

Buy the book here: http://amzn.eu/cZfJYdt 

My review

I love a good virus/disaster story! I find the plot exciting and its one of those things where you put yourself into the situation and wonder what you'd do. I found the storyline gripping and the characters had more depth believability than I was expecting. The sacrifices that the characters had to make were thought-provoking and engaging to the reader. It definitely made me want to read the other books in the trilogy. Would make a great movie, I always think of these books in terms of how they'd be portrayed on the big screen. Most zombie books don't have the depth and character development that this book achieves. Also it was nice to read a UK based virus plot. 

Great job to the author! Can't wait to read the next one...

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