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Heart Note blog blitz - 10 things you didn't know about author Cassandra O'Leary

Heart Note blog blitz - 26th November

I'm delighted to have the author of Heart Note, Cassandra O'Leary on my blog today for her blog blitz. Cassandra shares with us 10 things we didn't know about herself. 

Welcome Cassandra and over to you...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me
By Cassandra O’Leary

The first thing this topic reminds me of, is the fantastic teen romcom movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. Did you know I was a massive film and TV fangirl? Well, that’s the first thing to add to this list.

1. I’m a massive film and TV fangirl
I probably know quite a few movies line-for-line, off by heart (The Breakfast Club, anyone?) and absorbed films by osmosis growing up. These included some of my Mum’s favs like James Bond, classic Hollywood musicals and Hitchcock films. Later I fell in love with romantic comedies such as When Harry Met Sally and Working Girl. But I also have a soft spot for sci fi and horror/paranormal movies like Star Trek (every variation), Star Wars, The Omen and The X-Files. I minored in film studies at university so I could write essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

2. I worked as a ‘spritzer chick’ and shop girl for a few years
That’s the inspiration for my new release Christmas novella, Heart Note. I was a perfume promotions girl or spritzer chick, spraying perfumes on customers and little sample cards. Later I worked on a cosmetics counter and learned all about applying makeup. I worked in some of Australia’s biggest department stores and no doubt served tens of thousands of customers.

3. I’ve travelled the world
My debut novel, Girl on a Plane, was partly inspired by my love of travel. I first went overseas in the final year of my uni degree on an International Marketing study tour. This was fantastic, not just for learning, obviously. We visited companies like L’Oreal in Paris and Heineken in Amsterdam. Later I travelled with hubby and we’ve been to Europe, Asia, New Zealand, the US (some states)…still more to see.

4. I have Coeliac/Celiac disease
This is a not-so-fun fact. I actually became quite ill in my late twenties and was diagnosed with Coeliac disease at age 31. Otherwise known as gluten intolerance, it’s an autoimmune disease that can have serious complications if I don’t follow a strict gluten free diet. This can be easier said than done, as even if I’m super careful, I can get ‘glutened’ when I eat out. Many hours of throwing up and/or sitting on the loo and weeks of exhaustion usually follow. Ick.

5. I can sing!
I have a pretty good singing voice and was in choir and had the lead roles in musicals when I was at school. But I won’t be singing on YouTube in a hurry…these days I’m more of a typing behind-the-keyboard person.

6. I have pet chickens
My husband is a mad keen gardener and even though we only have a standard sized suburban house and land, we have a veggie patch, fruit trees and our very own little chickens. They are tiny, because we have smaller varieties. The Silkies are the kids’ favourites. They have such soft fluffy feathers and look like they have Mohawk hairstyles. We love them.

7. I don’t always read romance and chick lit
It’s true. I read all sorts of things and that might make me weird, but who cares? I tend to go on binges with certain authors or genres though. If you quiz me, I might not remember every book I’ve read even if I liked it. I have shelves full of hundreds of books and an e-reader full of titles I haven’t got to yet.

8. One day I’d like to try sailing
I haven’t done this yet but it’s on the bucket list. I met up with some old work mates recently and one of the women quit her job a few years ago to go sailing up the coast of Australia with her partner. This sounds amazing to me.

9. I studied Interior Design at university for 2 years
I’m pretty good at drawing and design and I got into a highly competitive Interior Design course straight out of high school. I liked parts of it, like learning about famous architects and designers, but the rest was a bit dull. There is only so much I want to know about structural concrete!

10. I’m going to write another full length book…I promise
I just have to write another novella or two first. I can’t help it I’m afraid. I get easily distracted by the shiny new ideas. But I do have two draft novels sitting there, waiting for me to get to them. Next year sounds good. Promise.

 A funny, romantic comedy Christmas novella, perfect for fans of Love Actually . . . from the award-winning author of Girl on a Plane.

Love is like a fine perfume. The top note draws you in, an instant attraction, but the Heart Note is the true essence. Like true love – a great perfume should be a woman’s perfect match.

At least, that’s what perfume counter manager, Lily Lucas, tells her customers in one of Australia’s largest department stores.

It’s almost Christmas, the store is bedecked with baubles and Lily has about eleventy billion gifts to wrap and sell. She and her team of spritzer chicks are glamorous, professional and hoping they don’t have to wear the hideous red onesies and reindeer antlers the store manager has in mind.

The high point of Lily’s work life is Christos Cyriakos, ex-cop, security guard, possible Greek god. He's a mystery box she’d love to unwrap. But can she trust him?

All Lily wants for Christmas is to kiss Christos (and more), catch a band of thieves running amok in the store, and live happily ever after. Is that too much to wish for?

Buy Heart Note here:

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