Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Creatures of Chichester - The one about the Golden Lake

Review of The Creatures of Chichester - The one about the Golden Lake
by Christopher Joyce

The New Year celebrations in Chichester are going with a bang, but the city is about to be hit by floods and a terrible storm that wipes out communication with the outside world.
Most of the creatures of Chichester are trapped indoors, but Doc and the other goldfish search the strange golden lake looking for answers.
Can they help Jacob and his friends banish the blizzard before it’s too late?

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My review

I enjoyed this children's book. The book tackles some deeper issues but in a light and enjoyable read. I liked Jacob and the relationship with his friends as they quest to banish the blizzard from the City. It was lovely to read a story that is based locally and would recommend to children in the local area, especially animal lovers. I love a good adventure and the threat of the blizzard and flood wiping out communication makes the novel a page-turner.

An enjoyable read with a deeper side. I loved that Jacob's problems become an advantage to him as he and his friends fight to banish the blizzard before it's too late. Great read.

More about the author:

Christopher Joyce, winner of the Cornish Writing Challenge 2017, is a Twoleg from Chichester in West Sussex, England.

He has been a teacher, marketing director, waiter; once made Venetian blinds, worked in a steel works and has run a garden design business.

He has written six books about The Creatures of Chichester. The latest book - the one about the golden lake is out now. For more information visit: or keep up to date on Facebook.

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