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Review of 'Ruby and the Magic Key' by Lu Thomson

Review of 'Ruby and the Magic Key' by Lu Thomson

Ruby wants to be an explorer like her Dad, but there's a problem.  Ruby doesn't think that she is big enough, strong enough or brave enough to explore.  Then one day, Ruby's Dad gives her a magic explorer key and she decides to give it a try...
A beautifully illustrated children's story which focuses on the life-lesson of limitations only existing in our minds.
Perfect for any time reading, this book includes parent and child activities.
Review of ‘Ruby and the Magic Key’.

My son absolutely loved this book. He loves exploring and going on adventures like Ruby so he thoroughly enjoyed this story. Just like Ruby he liked to collect up things in a backpack to take outside and explore and for weeks after reading this book he would do the same and make sure he had a sandwich and apple to take with him! He always chooses this story to read at bedtimes. This story would help children that have anxiety and need extra confidence in certain situations to understand that it is within themselves to be brave.

A delightful read which promotes independence and explorers in little people.

More about the author

Lu is a children's author who has been making up stories for as long as she can remember.

As a child, she learnt to read extremely quickly and absorbed books like they were going out of fashion. She spent many an evening reading by torchlight under the covers, listening out for footsteps and pretending she was asleep when her parents came in to check on her.

As the older sibling, Lu started as a writer making up stories for her little sister on demand. Years upon years of creating fiction on the spot, being given a topic and having to quickly build a made-up world for the listening pleasure of her sister equipped Lu with a fantastic imagination and a love for storytelling.

Lu's books for children are mainly centred around tackling childhood worries and concerns, providing positive messages and encouragement, and boosting confidence. Her aim is to encourage children to engage with her books on another level. To think about them long after they have been read and to cherish their message. She also wants to help parents and guardians to talk to their children about the story – and as such each book contains an activity to compliment it. Lu's stories aim to touch the hearts not only of the children who read them but also the adults who help them.

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