Friday, 9 March 2018

Rafferty Lincoln Loves... is 99p this week!

 99p on Amazon all week!

Rafferty Lincoln Loves... my new YA debut novel is 99p/99c all this week. All proceeds go to charity, the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre to help rehabilitate Thoroughbred racehorses. Buy now and support this amazing charity!

A sensational and compelling, coming of age story for older young adults and not-so-young adults. Foreword by Frankie Dettori MBE.

Rafferty Lincoln doesn't like horses. Not one bit. But when the popular high school girl of his dreams, Liberty Ashburn pulls him into a world of lead ropes and horse brushes, who is he to say no?

Except this isn't any old horse. This is the missing racehorse, Profits Red Ridge. The horse Rafferty and three of his friends are hiding from the world. And Liberty Ashburn isn’t just any ordinary high school girl. How far will Rafferty go to win her over?

An intense, witty and powerful coming of age story with startling consequences.

Praise for Rafferty Lincoln Loves...

‘Thank you, Emily, for writing this novel in support of our work at the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre. The story is an exciting read, full of twists that will leave the reader wanting more.’ Gillian Carlisle, CEO, British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre

‘Liberty Ashburn may be a fictional character, but she embodies a very real emotion – the love of horses – a passion that so many people will be able to identify with. It is a passion we see every day with the horses at the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre as they are prepared for new, fulfilling and exciting futures. Well done Emily Williams for bringing this so eloquently to your readers in this terrific novel.’ John Sexton, Chairman, British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre 

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