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Review of Destination Unknown by Kathleen Ballantine Watson

Review of Destination Unknown - A Tale of Time Travel
by Kathleen Ballantine Watson

Beth Nielson doesnt need any more drama in her life. Her hectic job at the Willis Mortgage Company has become unstable, leaving her with a shaky future. Whats more, shes dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend who is stalking her, and now a serial killer is on the loose in her cityand the monster is killing women who look just like her.

Meanwhile, her brother Russ has dedicated his life to building a time travel machine; hes now completed it and is ready for experimentation. Beth hates the contraption and wants no part of it; she fears that possible paradoxes may tear their lives apart. Russ promises his sister that while traveling through time, he will not intermingle with the inhabitants of the past or the future, nor will he change history. Unfortunately, when Beths stalker threatens her, she flees by the only method available - the time machine. It sends Beth to a farm in the year 1860. With a broken-down machine, only time will tell if she can survive this challenging life while she waits and hopes that her brother will find her.

My review

I really enjoyed this fast-paced and well-researched novel. Beth is a likeable character and the other characters are portrayed strongly. Beth is going through a hard time in her life, made worse by her violent ex and brother's crazy invention. Unfortunately for Beth, she has to flee from the violent ex through the one invention she wants nothing to do with - the time machine. I loved the time travel elements to the novel and how Beth is transported back in time to the 1860's to a farm. I very much loved this part of the novel and learning more about the 1860's.

This was a fascinating read with great narration, which left the reader wondering...would Beth travel back to the present or prefer to stay in the 1860's? I found this book to be an immensely enjoyable read as the author expertly weaves together a romance with sci-fi, keeping the reader on their toes.

About the author:

Kathleen Ballantine Watson is the author, under the name Kathleen Ballantine, of According to His Will, an exploration of the wealth of Gods promises that transforms the scriptures into powerful prayers. This is her first novel. She currently lives in Florida.

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