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Review of H.L. Roberts - 23:27

Review of H.L. Roberts - 23:27

23:27 is a beautifully written novel about how stressful situations are not always what they appear to be. H.L. Roberts takes you on an emotional journey keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time.
23:27 touches on the very sensitive topics of suicide and mental stability when the pressures of society get too difficult to handle for even the most stable individual. Lilith Rose is the lead singer of the popular rock band, United Misfits. and she is tired of all the lies, secrets, and heartache that came with the price tag of stardom. After years of dealing with forced contracts, she does the unthinkable and flees to a small run-down hotel on the outskirts of Los Angeles, where she hosts her tell-all Livestream. Finally, the truth is out there, and Lilith has a decision to make. Life or Death…

My review

This story features the lives of central characters, Lilith and Alec. Lilith, torn away from her true love ends up leading a lie with manipulating, Markus. The author leads you on a turbulent path of emotions as the book explores sensitive subjects, such as suicide and mental health. Lilith is living on the edge and is struggling and you can't help but emphasise with her and follow her journey in anticipation. The book is truly a page-turner. It is, however, a touching story and the author cleverly leads you through these emotions as Lilith comes head-on to an important decision. The author faces these topics head on, without shying away and cleverly explores these within her characters as the plot develops.

Although I wouldn't usually pick up a novel about musicians, the book is strongly plot and character driven and I found myself immersed in the well-written dramas immediately. I love the way you experience Alec's point of view during the novel too. This is a romance novel with hidden depths and a recommended read. An ending to leave you stunned! Great read.

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