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Review of 'Spaghetti head' by Sarah Tyley

Review of 'Spaghetti Head' by Sarah Tyley

 Journalist Nell Greene is intelligent, beautiful and quirky – but a failure at relationships, thanks to her untrusting and disruptive inner voice. She has received The Award, and refusing to help repopulate the earth can seriously complicate your life: it is time for Nell to change.

In a world where greed, war, and an environmental disaster have massively reduced the population, survivors have introduced a new system of governance - led by women but delivered by robots, and designed to promote peace and remove opportunities for abuse of power. Or at least that was the intention…

Will Nell overcome the challenges of life in a post-apocalyptic world to find happiness, or will the System win?

Spaghetti Head is Sarah Tyley's debut novel that addresses issues of modern womanhood, environmental devastation and the impact of technological advances on our freedom, relationships and mental health

My review

I loved the character of Nell from the outset. She was quirky and unique and made for really interesting reading. She reminded me sometimes of myself as she over thinks every situation and lets it play out in her head. With her best friend the robot cow bot and an inner voice (SID) interrupting her every thought, Nell struggles at relationships. I'm not sure I'd cope as well as Nell with such an annoying inner voice but was enthralled reading the battle between them. The world that Nell lives in was really intriguing to read about and I loved learning about the new government system and 'The Award' that she had received to help repopulate the earth. I love novels like this! I find it really exciting to read about how our world can change for better or worse and the author captured this skillfully in her writing. With age not on her side, Nell has a lot of decisions to make and she needs to make inner peace with SID - fast.

I really longed for Nell to find her perfect match and the annoying voice inside to let her be happy. With the distrusting opinions being thrust at her at every opportunity, Nell really struggles to find happiness with anyone. This well-written and interesting story nicely builds up to a great ending. Great characterisation and well plotted, this novel is a recommended read for anyone that loves novels set in the future, quirky romances and stories with a lasting impact.

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