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Review of Christopher Joyce, 'The Creatures of Chichester. The One About the Stolen Dog.'

Review of Christopher Joyce -
‘The Creatures of Chichester: The One About the Stolen Dog.’

It's the summer of 2012 and most of the Twolegs in Chichester, England, are having a good time but not Mr. Penfold, because someone has stolen his dog.
A little red-headed Twoleg was last seen leading the dog away - but that was days ago. Button and Stitchley, two intrepid spiders living in North Street, decide to get to the bottom of the crime.
They enlist the help of other creatures in the city to find out just who the vile dognapper is. But it's not easy; the cats hate the dogs; the mice are not too fond of the falcons, and don't even mention the bats!
Are you looking for a children's chapter book that is highly entertaining, great for bedtime stories, and part of a series? This children's storybook has it all! These stories are great for bedtime stories and great to listen to with friends and family.

My review: 

I had already read a couple of books in this series so couldn't wait to read the first book, which introduces all the wonderful characters that I had become so familiar with. This story doesn't fail to impress, with its entertaining storyline, fantastic characters and a mystery to solve. When Mr Penfold's dog, Streak, is stolen the creatures of Chichester all work together to solve the mystery of the missing dog.

All the creatures have fantastically wonderful names, which I know children will love. I only wished my two children were old enough to enjoy this lovely series. When a second dog goes missing an ingenious rescue plan is developed and I love the way that the creatures all work together, despite their differences at first. This book is such a lovely positive example to children and really enhances the reputation of spiders. A great series for all animal lovers and would also encourage children more nervous of animals to become animal lovers too. I can't wait to read more in this series.

About the Author:

Christopher Joyce, winner of the Cornish Writing Challenge 2017, is a Twoleg from Chichester in West Sussex, England.

He has been a teacher, marketing director, waiter; once made Venetian blinds, worked in a steel works and has run a garden design business.

He has written six books about The Creatures of Chichester. The latest book - the one about the golden lake is out now. For more information visit: or keep up to date on Facebook.

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