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Review of Emily's Hour by James Morley

Review of Emily's Hour by James Morley

 Everything changes for the Simpson family when the dead body of an internet millionaire is found in Branham Lake and a close friend is falsely accused of murder. It is 2004 and Steve and Kirsten, the central characters in James Morley’s first novel, The Nemesis File are now married and have settled in rural Sussex with their children Emily 13 and John-Kaj 8. Steve runs the family nautical business near Chichester but teaches sailing at Branham Lake on the Surrey Hampshire border. When further deaths occur, a police inspector facing a mental breakdown is convinced of his suspect’s guilt. While Steve and Kirsten fight to clear their friend’s name they have no inkling of the nightmare that is to engulf them. When Emily, along with an elderly war veteran, is abducted by a sacrificial religious cult, the family become the centre of worldwide attention. Emily’s Hour is a tense thriller, with a background in sailing that will engage both adults and teenagers alike.

My review 

I found this novel to be a thrilling and exciting read from beginning to end. The novel is set around the sailing community in Sussex which enables the author's passion, expertise and knowledge for sailing to shine through the pages of the novel. A community is thrown into upheaval when the body of a millionaire is found. When further deaths occur, a local family is swept into the nightmare, with young Emily being abducted. This is a tense thriller, which will have you on the edge of your seat trying to unravel the mystery. Young Emily is a strong character in the novel, along with Steve and Kirsten. The author is able to create believable characters that you want to root for as the story progresses. 

I loved the use of Greta, the psychological profiler, which made for very interesting reading due to my own background in psychology. Emily, despite only just becoming a teenager, is a brave and fearless child/young adult and strives for a means of escape leading to a gripping story finale. A very enjoyable and exciting read, set within a charming background location. Well researched and written with love and passion, this novel will keep the pages turning until the end.

About the Author:

James known as, Jim, Morley spent forty years working in farming and forestry.
During that time he wrote for pleasure as well as short articles and pieces for his local press. On retirement in 1994 he turned to full time writing.
Jim uses the sport of sailing as a theme in five published novels.
In younger days he sailed and raced at international level winning the occasional race. Following an accident in 1970 he decided that, "those who can do and those who can't write about it". 

As well as his novels Jim has had five short stories read on local radio including Soldier on U.K. Remberance Day in 1999. His story, The Decision Wasn't Easy won an Ottaker Prize in 2005. In 2004 Jim founded his publishing imprint Benham's Sea Mysteries. He has five published mystery novels based in his niche market that have sold worldwide. Jim works actively with Sailability the UK organisation governing sailing for the disabled. His novel Olympic Nemesis follows a a man from a life changing moment to the winning of Paralympic gold. It was adopted by RYA Sailability in advance of the 2012 Olympics. Jim has also written two saga novels Song of Sussex and Life and Loves in Shinkley. He has also written two detective "whodunnit" books set in South Hampshire. And in 2016 Jim released his first romantic novel: A Summer of Law and Love. Not forgetting: Magdalena's Redemption a challenging thriller with an exciting episode on the United States West coast.

Jim is a member of the UK Society of Authors and is a keen supporter of his local book group as well as secretary of his writing circle. He is a widower living in an untidy house filled with books and computers.

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