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Review of 'My Favourite People' by Rob Keeley

Review of 'My Favourite People' by Rob Keeley

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Rob Keeley’s first picture book.
A book for young children all about the importance of relationships.
Comes complete with suggested activities for bringing the book to life.

My favourite people are…

all in this book. And I’m going to tell you all about them. You can meet my Auntie Meg and Uncle Steve, my best friend Alice, my favourite footballer and the band that’s going to save the world. Then I’ll tell you about a brilliant idea I’ve had…

Following his success as a writer of novels and short stories for older children – including the ongoing Spirits series, listed for the Bath Children’s Novel and Independent Author Book Awards – Rob Keeley makes his picture book debut with My Favourite People, a fun illustrated journey through childhood and the friends and family who make it possible. It’s an amusing and insightful look at the world around its central character, an excellent read-aloud or read-alone. It encourages young people to look at relationships and recognise their importance. It will appeal to girls and boys of lower primary age – and to parents and teachers reading the book aloud.

My review

This picture book has a great concept and really appealed to my three-year-old. At an age when he loves talking about people in his life, this was a perfect book to read to him. He loved the bright illustrations, which kept his one-year-old sister engaged too, and talked animatedly about the book.  I encouraged him to talk about similar people in his own life.

A fun and engaging book, I could see how this would appeal to children both pre-school and for use in the classroom for lower primary school. A great introduction for children to encourage them to talk about the people in their lives. 

As both a teacher and parent, I could see the potential for this lovely picture book and would recommend. It flowed easily to read and was enjoyable for the adult reading too. A different read from what I have read by the author, but another fabulous effort nonetheless.

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