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Review of 'To Enter The Path' by Stephanie Flores

Book review of 'To Enter The Path,' by Stephanie Flores

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 "Filled with incredible fight scenes, cryptic characters and a few often useless yet lovable characters, this book is worth checking out if you love a good action-packed story and lots of mystery and questions!" ~Underground Book reviews

"A solid read for lovers of fantasy. The author does a wonderful job weaving a compelling world and creating complex characters." ~ More Than Just Romance Reviews

A Vendrix is born. These are mortals that know all spells and enchantments, without having picked up a spell book all their lives. Normally, such power would be drool-worthy, but in this case, it means to be possessed by a demon that’s just using a body as a conduit.

For the townspeople, a beloved family member will now crave carnage and kill siblings and strangers alike.
For the person possessed, they barely last a day before sharpened pitchforks are used against them.

But a drunken minstrel’s foreseen a Vendrix that can actually control the demon. Such a weapon seems to be the only thing that can annihilate the sorcerer that’s been wreaking havoc everywhere.

Zendra’s denying that she’s the Vendrix, despite the fact that she just massacred a horde of wizards with no more exertion of energy than a yawn. Regardless, she’s enlisted by three men wanting to attempt the deadly path to the sorcerer, for fame, adventure, or vengeance.

Now, Valen, an arrogant yet charming wizard prodigy, Brevle, a wise-cracking warrior, Wulard, owns a map (sorry, that’s all he contributes), and Zendra, still unsure if she’s more of a threat to them than the obstacles, must band together, quiet their pessimism, and will their legs to forge through the Path of Fatality.

My review 

I'm not an avid reader of fantasy, especially medieval fantasy. I usually find the number of characters, different weirdly wonderful names, historical references and worlds totally confusing for my mind, which obviously just can't cope with an overload of all the senses. Having said that, I was more than pleasantly surprised that I found that I could slip into this story and be totally enthralled from the outset. Yes, there were complicated character names, but not such an overload that I would become lost. I actually understood what was going on, and even better, was really enjoying the plot! Well done to the author. 

The plot is fast-paced and full of action, although occasionally I did find the chapters a little long due to the intense amount of action and description. The mythical beasts are breathtakingly scary and have you on the edge of your seat. I liked that the novel followed a journey; the path along which Zendra takes both literally and metaphorically as she develops as the story progresses. The evil spirit inside sometimes overtakes her character and I was interested to see how she'd overcome this and take control of her own destiny. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you totally engrossed.

I liked that the novel was left on a cliffhanger, knowing that there would be more books to follow, it certainly made me eagerly want to pick up the next book. Overall, a very enjoyable read.

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