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Sarah's Shadow Blog Tour - 19th May

Sarah's Shadow Blog Tour - 19th May
By Nick Jones and illustrated by Si Clark

 If you could change something about yourself, would you do it? When Sarah Simpkins is teased about her shadow in the school playground, she finds herself wishing she didn't have one. That night she has the chance to make the wish come true. But will losing her shadow really make her happy?

"Sarah's Shadow is a sweet story about wish fulfilment not being all its cracked up to be. It has accessible but expansive vocabulary, impactful illustrations and a message of being comfortable in your own skin (shadow). Lovely stuff." - Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

"I loved the upbeat message of this tale and the power that Sarah finds when she rediscovers her shadow and becomes herself. Si Clark s illustrations are fabulous, especially in the detail of the facial expressions of the characters in the story and Sarah s amazing shadow creatures ... Sarah's Shadow is most highly recommended." - Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

My review:

The beautiful story follows the tale of Sarah, who gets picked on at school by an insensitive peer due to her having a tall and lanky shaped shadow. Sarah takes the teasing to heart and rather than wishing that the teasing would stop, she wishes that her shadow would go away. This story has a sweet and powerful message that really sticks with you long after you have read the story. Although this book was a little too 'old' for my two children, as a teacher I could see the potential for this book in the classroom. And as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself anyway! I could see it being used successfully in PSHCE lessons at school for both younger children and to create discussions with upper primary school.

The book is fabulously illustrated. The story leaves you with an important and positive message. A delightful story, that I loved reading and can see becoming a firm favourite when my children are old enough to enjoy.

About the author: 

Nick Jones is a writer originally from Bristol but now living in Congleton, Cheshire. In 2014 he published Gagged and Bound, a book of original gags, puns and one-liners, which went on to become a best-seller on Amazon under Puns & Wordplay. This was followed by Gagged & Bound 2 and 3, and now Nick has returned with Sarah's Shadow, a highly original children's book about a little girl who loses her shadow. Illustrated beautifully by London-based artist Si Clark, Sarah's Shadow is a completely new direction for Nick, but with plenty more ideas up his sleeve it's one he intends to pursue further.

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